Do Candles Go Off?

Do Candles Go Off?

Certain waxes used in candle making can determine the lifetime of your product. Our candles are made using soy, a natural vegetable-based wax, that can degrade over time. We have chosen to use this wax because it is cleaner-burning, natural and sustainable. Other branded candles using paraffin wax can last a bit longer if stored correctly.


How to store and look after your lovely new candle.

It’s important to store your candle in a dark, cool place. If you leave it in direct sunlight, the fragrance will slowly evaporate from the wax into the air. Eventually your candle might become difficult to light or burn.


How long will my candle last?

We recommend using your candle within 12 to 18 months after purchase.  If it begins to smell more like wax than the intended fragrance, it's probably time to discard it. When using your candle make sure it reaches a full melt pool right to the edge of the container, and do not burn for more than 4 hours.


Learn when to say goodbye…

It’s important not to let your candle you are left with 1cm of wax. If you check out the One Show  episode, that was aired on BBC1 on 4th January, customers have described how their candle vessels fractured due to letting them burn down too far. Please always remember to read your safety labels.


We hope we've gone some way to answer this particular question. For more information on our products, have a nosey through our Instagram page here or view our wax melt collection here


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