Why Does Scent Trigger Memories?

Does Scent Trigger Memories?

Have you ever smelled a certain perfume or scent and immediately been transported back to another time or place in your life?

My best memories were my teenage years, highly influenced by music and films.  A study has suggested that the teenage brain is more sensitive and therefore better at absorbing new memories.

Why do scent's trigger memories?

The smell and memory are so closely linked because the anatomy of the brain allows olfactory signals get to the limbic system very quickly.  Memories associated with smells tend to be older and thought about less often, meaning the recollection is very vivid when it happens

Let's take you back to the 80s with our top 20 smells -

  1. Freshly-cut grass
  2. Certain meals being cooked – like Bolognese or a roast dinner
  3. Crayons
  4. Matey Bubble Bath
  5. Sweets
  6. Play-Doh
  7. The smell of school
  8. Coffee 
  9. Your mother’s perfume
  10. Pencil shavings
  11. Your grandparents’ house
  12. Burnt hair in the crimper
  13. Medicines
  14. The smell of paints – oil, acrylic, poster
  15. An old teddy bear/blanket
  16. Leather
  17. Plastic Halloween masks
  18. Potpourri
  19. Strawberry Shortcake
  20. Packaging from a new toy/video game

We would love to know what your favourite scent and memories are, leave a comment below. 

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Rachael xx

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