Do Wax Melts Go Off?

Do Wax Melts Go Off?

Wax melts are a simple way to create a long-lasting aroma around your home, and are one of our best selling products. We hand pour every single melt at our workshop in the beautiful seaside town of Bangor, Northern Ireland.

All of our melts are made from 100% soy wax and have a very high scent load. This gives you a stronger scent throw (the important bit) and a longer burn time. 

Simply place one segment of your wax in either a tealight or electric warmer, and let it gently fill your room with one of our rich aromas for up to 6 hours. Customers have told us they can re-melt their wax two, and sometimes three times depending on the fragrance.

 So in answer to the question "Do wax melts go off" it's a Yes. We recommend that you use your wax melts within a year. Having them in a warm environment can cause the wax to release the fragrance oil prematurely. Storing them correctly will go a long way to making them last as long as possible.

To prevent them losing their colour and scent, it is important that you store them in a cool, dark, dry place. Heat from a radiator or direct sunlight will cause your melts to release their fragrance prematurely, so we recommend storing them in a cupboard where it is cool and shaded. Somewhere out of the reach of little fingers and inquisitive minds is also strongly advised.

We hope we've gone some way to answer this particular question. For more information on our products have a nosey through our Instagram page here or view our wax melt collection here

Rachael xx

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